How to Choose the Perfect Colors for your Commercial Building Exterior

Commercial painting is more than just about slapping a color of paint on your project. The greatest way to choose colors for your commercial building exterior is to consider the type of color will compliment to the building. It’s possibly more about how your chosen color will make a guest feel. Did you know that colors evoke emotional responses and could be either disparaging or inviting?

Pick the right color

The paint for your commercial building must be one, which will be inviting to your clients and make them want to enter your establishment. For example, painting your commercial building a shade or orange will express the message that your store is casual and provides bargain basement type deals. This is quite a good message when it’s the intent of the store. If you want elegance and opulence, orange shades aren’t your perfect choice.

If you prefer a color, which will show an environment of being receptive, trustworthy and environment-friendly, then a mix of blue with either green or brown for the accent will present this message. Utilizing a steel blue or gray accent trim offers the feeling of enduring yet tranquil. Further, experts tell that people who are around yellow for a very long time will end up losing their anger.

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Even though this makes it difficult on the staff, which works in a yellow setting, it’s a strong drawing card, which grabs attention right away. Yellow is normally observed on signs such as caution or safety signs as it grab the attention of drivers. Bear in mind what you want to present. Do you like to present an attention catcher message, which could lead to high emotional responses or do you prefer the sturdy and soothing message or grays, browns, and blues?

If your choice is still confusing you, you might want to visit a paint store and look at their brochures. They will have tons of photos of buildings and houses done in different colors for accent and trim areas. Look at those in the sunlight and check how they make you feel.